Saturday, 7 August 2010


After a week full of activity, the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth came to an end with a bang, with the newly formed Global Youth Media Council presented the findings of their week-long talks and recommendations.

The week saw the UK representatives helping to facilitate and take part in the Global Youth Media Council which came up with 6 recommendations for a fairer global media including increased media literacy, e-safety and a call for a more socially responsive media.

'We made a video, animation, logo and website in the space of a few hours!'

Alongside these recommendations, the GYMC also produced a press release, a logo, a website, a video and an animation to help convey their message and spread the word. This was an unbelievable achievement in just 48 hours! You can check out all the latest content and news from at the GYMC blog including the remarkable feedback and great endorsements we had, including Lord David Puttnam signing our petition.

The animation produced by young people from around the world based on one the recommendations put forward by the GYMC