Thursday, 10 June 2010


Welcome! We are the UK Youth Media Council! We are going to Sweden between 12-18 June to represent the United Kingdom and to discuss ways to improve the media from the youth perspective.

Created by the British Council, we will be leading on discussions to create a set of recommendations at the world’s largest summit on young people and the media. The Council comprised of five young people, aged 18 to 24, living across the UK have skills in politics, journalism, campaigning, youth media and law.

The World Summit on Media for Children and Youth takes place in Karlstad, Sweden, June 14th-18th, and will see over 1,500 media experts and young people from across the world debate and produce recommendations for the better representation and involvement in the media.

Adrian Mills, Head of Business & Planning of BBC Children's said, "Young people have a lot to say about, and contribute to, the media that forms such an important part of their lives. A UK Youth Media Council is a great way to facilitate that."

The UK Youth Media Council will recommend an International Children and Youth Media Day, having children and young people involved in commissioning TV for them and increasing the number of children and young people who write for national newspapers and will campaign for also want better media literacy to be taught in all primary schools to address safeguarding children on the internet and control cyber bullying.

One of the things the UK will be campaigning about is better opportunities for young people in the mainstream media and promoting organisations such as the Youth-led Media Network and encouraging similar things on a global scale

The council will be keeping everyone updated on this blog and on our facebook page, plus feel free to email us!

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